Track and Analyze Your Ruby Project

Easily track the health and dependencies of your project.

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Secure your ruby codebase and track health of project and dependencies

Ensure your team is notified of important security releases and can analyze the project over time.

Any Project

Prospector works with any Bundler based ruby project, including Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, Sinatra and more.

Install in Seconds

Install the open source ruby client in your project to report data to our secure servers.


Track online, via email, or Slack notifications to know your project's health.


Manage Dependencies and Control Technical Debt

Project dependencies are an important part of a codebase and should not be left to chance. Instead of only updating gems when your team encounters a problem or suffers from a security vulnerability, actively manage your dependencies with ease.

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Now Supporting Slack

Receive details about your project's health and dependencies right in Slack.

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