Track and Analyze Your Ruby Project

Track your project's health score to ensure you're aware of all potential headaches.

Prospector integrates with any ruby project using Bundler

Prospector doesn't require access to your code or repository. Integration requires installing a ruby client in your project which delivers dependency info to our services.

For Rails applications, ActiveJob or Sidekiq is supported for delivering statistics to our service in the background. RubyMotion is supported right out of the box, and we easily support custom configurations.

Track and Analyze with Snapshots of your Gemfile

Every time the ruby client delivers info to Prospector about your project's Gemfile, we catalog that info allowing you to take a peak an previous snapshots of your codebase whenever you want.

In addition to detailed snapshots, you can easily track your project's health score or the number of gems used in your project with simple charts and detailed import statements showing the state of your dependencies, ruby version and more at that moment in time.

Prospector allows your organization to be flexible

In addition to supporting multiple projects per organization, your team can also be organized with teams and permissions in Prospector. It's easy to create a team and grant access to a project(s), and even easier to remove later on.

Best of all, we don't charge for users on any of our pricing plans. Signup for an account and use that same account across multiple organizations.

Keep Your Account

Use your same account across all of your organizations

No Limit on Teams

Organize your team with as many teams as you need, there is no limit.

Prospector works and looks great on your mobile device

Using prospector while on the go is simple and full featured. Easily manage your teams, add a new project, and view the details of a project all from your smartphone or tablet.

Created for Developers, by Developers

Prospector was created simply to improve the lives of ruby developers. Creating a service that was easy to manage, quick to analyze your project, and simple to install is our goal.

Open Source

The client gem is completely open source and available on Github and we welcome all feedback and pull requests as we continually add features to the Prospector platform.

We will not share your information.

Our promise to you is simple. We collect the necessary information about your project dependencies from Bundler and use that information to provide a service. However, we will never share that information in any way - after all, an outdated project is a security risk itself, without sharing that with the rest of the world.

All plans start with a free 14 day trial.

No Credit Card Needed.

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